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Call us for more information: 508-681-5286

amazing skydive views over Cape Cod
skydiving out of airplane on Cape Cod
Cloud shape with waiver information

Paperwork and training:

Complete our waiver, meet our staff and your instructor, and go through a detailed training session.

cloud shape with Freefall info
cloud shape with aircraft instructions
Cloud shape with skydive instructions

Hop in the airplane:

Enjoy the ride and Cape Cod panorama as you cruise up to 10,000 feet.

cloud shape with info about parachuting
cloud shape about landing

Exit the aircraft:

Your instructor will guide you through the steps to safely exit the airplane.


You'll do a bit of exhilarating freefall with your instructor.

Under the parachute:

This is the most amazing part of your journey, you'll gently float back to earth and you will fly like a bird.


Follow your training and your instructor's procedures and you'll glide to a soft landing!

Skydive landing on Cape Cod
Freefalling at Skydive the Mills
tandem skydiving on Cape Cod
freefall over Cape Cod

Tandem Skydiving for First Time Jumpers!