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Call us for more information: 508-681-5286

amazing skydive views over Cape Cod
skydiving out of airplane on Cape Cod
Cloud shape with waiver information

Paperwork and training:

Complete our waiver, meet our staff and your instructor, and go through a detailed training session.

cloud shape with Freefall info
cloud shape with aircraft instructions
Cloud shape with skydive instructions

Hop in the airplane:

Enjoy the ride and Cape Cod panorama as you cruise up to 10,000 feet.

cloud shape with info about parachuting
cloud shape about landing

Exit the aircraft:

Your instructor will guide you through the steps to safely exit the airplane.


You'll do a bit of exhilarating freefall with your instructor.

Under the parachute:

This is the most amazing part of your journey, you'll gently float back to earth and you will fly like a bird.


Follow your training and your instructor's procedures and you'll glide to a soft landing!

Skydive landing on Cape Cod
Freefalling at Skydive the Mills
tandem skydiving on Cape Cod
freefall over Cape Cod

Tandem Skydiving for First Time Jumpers!

Your reservation time includes filling out the appropriate paperwork and instruction. The wait time until you jump can vary depending on the wind, weather and other variables. We try and minimize wait time, ideally it will take about 1-2 hours BUT you should prepare to spend half a day at the dropzone because there are so many factors that can extend wait times like weather, refueling plane, and other factors we have no control over. Feel free to bring a lunch we have a great waiting area with picnic tables! We have snacks and drinks available for purchase too.